By Asal Rezaei

CHICAGO – Police in south suburban Robbins are taking a stand against what they say are poor working conditions, and many officers have not been showing up for their shifts.

Legally, officers aren’t allowed to go on strike, so they’re taking a stand in a walkout instead, that began this weekend.

Out of the 14 police officers at least 10 have not been showing up.

Officers here say they feel underpaid, under-resourced and overworked.

“We want the village to understand we all stand in solidarity with each other; that we’re not going to continue to give our all, and the village is ignoring us gives us nothing,” Detective Commander Hurman Mathus said.

The mayor plans to give an update on negotiations between the Robbins Police Union and the Village of Robbins Monday at 1 p.m.

Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant recently issue a letter to community members assuring them they will not be without emergency services as surrounding agencies, like the Cook County sheriff’s Office, are helping out.

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